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Terry is well-known as a performer. He’s been described by his peers as one of the most outstanding Bay Area guitarists. Well versed in a multitude of styles and genres, he has forged a name for himself with his unique musical outlook.
Terry has made his career working and recording with such artists as Terrie Odabi, the late Sista Monica Parker, E.C. Scott, Paula Harris, Chris Cain, Terry Haggerty, Jerry Miller, Kid Anderson, Lara Price, and Lydia Pense. He was lead guitarist for Appaloosa during that band’s tenure at the Saddle Rack and was one of the founding members of Featprints, a Little Feat tribute band.
Original projects include the Terry Hiatt Trio, Big Science, the Amazing Colossal Guys, and Running With Scissors, playing a distinctive blend of blues, rock, country, and pop, which he likes to call “American Gumbo.”
He brings real intensity and energy to every performance.
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